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Atovaquone (also spelled atavaquone) and proguanil are used in combination as an antimalarial drug, which may be used as both a preventive measure against contracting the parasite and as a treatment when malaria has already been contracted. The combination medicine is more commonly known by the brand name Malarone.

Many patients buy Atovaquone & proguanil over other antimalarials because there are significantly fewer side effects associated with the treatment, and what side effects do occur are typically very mild. The drawback is the medication tends to be a little more costly than similar treatments, as it is taken daily rather than weekly.

Outside of a hospital setting the medication is usually administered by tablets, which come in two strengths:

  • Adult tablets, which contain 250 mg of Atovaquone and 100 mg of proguanil
  • Pediatric tablets, which contain 62.5 mg of Atovaquone and 25 mg of proguanil

Children weighing over 41 kg (90 lbs) may take an adult tablet.

Preventing Malaria Infections

While this medication is widely used as a preventive measure, patients planning to buy Atovaquone & proguanil for malaria prevention are advised to double-check that it is effective in the particular zone of interest. Some areas harbor strains of the parasite that are resistant to some antimalarials.

The usual treatment in adults is one adult tablet per day. The pediatric dose is weight-dependent and should be determined by a doctor; older children may need to take several pediatric tablets per day.

Tablets should always be taken with fatty foods; insufficient fat may interfere with absorption, and may cause gastrointestinal side effects. Tablets can be crushed and mixed with fatty foods or drinks high in fat, such as milk, if desired.

Treatment should begin several days prior to entering a malaria zone, continue for the duration of the stay, and continue for an additional seven days after leaving the zone. Be sure to buy Atovaquone & proguanil in sufficient quantities ahead of time; any interruption in treatment will greatly increase the risk of contracting malaria.

While preventive antimalarial treatments significantly reduce the risk of contracting malaria, no medication is 100 percent effective. Other measures should be utilized to the greatest extent possible when in a malaria zone, including protective clothing, mosquito netting, insect repellent and so forth.

Treating Malaria

Tablets are rarely used to treat malaria infections in children, or in severe infections in adults, where administration via IV is preferred. Given the potential severity of the condition, medical attention should always be sought when a malaria infection is suspected. Similarly, patients should not buy Atovaquone & proguanil to treat an undiagnosed infection; the particular strain of parasite should determine the ideal treatment.

The typical treatment for adults is 4 adult tablets once per day for three days. If vomiting occurs within an hour of taking the dose, the entire dose should be retaken. Most patients notice significant improvements before the third day. If symptoms persist past the third day, a doctor should be consulted.

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